Black Salt Bikini is a collection of swimwear inspired by the love for life and the power of creating what you love. It is a reflection of the passion to travel around the world and get inspired by fashion and a fulfilling and active lifestyle.

The idea of creating Black Salt Bikinis was born one afternoon on the beach, while enjoying the sunset and thinking that a woman never has enough bikinis, especially black ones...

The brand’s signature style is about understanding the woman and how she feels when she is wearing a bikini. Our bikinis and other swimwear are created to be wearable, yet they are also bold statement pieces that make each woman wearing them feel sexy, chic and confident.

In other words, a woman wearing Black Salt Bikinis is always ready to hit the beach, because she's looking and feeling gorgeous.

Black Salt Bikini mixes effortless femininity with sophistication and style to make each piece of swimwear look and feel unique, giving women the armor in which they can savor and conquer the world, one breathtaking and beautiful beach at a time.

Black Salt Bikinis is the minimalistic and unreal way of Kovacevic Ankica’s expressing her creative side of life.